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Hi, I’m Andrew Lockley.  I’m looking for ‘boring businesses‘ to help develop

Sector preference :  SaaS, eCommerce, marketplaces
Exits : 5, typically MBO, average current valuation >£5M
Current holdings : 10+ active projects
Stage preference : personal investment – first in; fundraising <£2M rounds
Investment type : sweat, initial cash, investment in fundraising process
Skillset: strategy, finance, sales/marketing, UX, CRO


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The information given is: sector; instrument type, exit type; last known status. Founder shares are marked*

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Pleasant words

“Just a quick note to let you know that we were successful in getting onto the Startup Bootcamp programme which could really catapult the business forward.

I am in no doubt that you really helped us […]

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Investment Portfolio and Exits

Here’s the list of my current portfolio and exits.  Broadly, these go from oldest to newest.  The information given is: sector; instrument type, exit type; last known status.  Founder shares are marked*.  Where available, value at […]

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Client reference from James of StreetStream courier marketplace

“Andrew is straight talking and blunt and will not be to everyone’s taste. But if you are prepared to listen to what you might not want to hear, you can definitely learn something about your […]

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There’s no room for ‘good’ on the internet

What’s wrong with good?  We all like good food, we all want good haircuts, and we all want to live in a good area.  What’s wrong with good?  Don’t good businesses do well?

They used to.

Imagine […]

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Miser Hacks for Founders

Far too many entrepreneurs waste money at the same time as running around trying to raise it – often from me.  A little frugality goes a long way to helping a firm hit breakeven, and also […]

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Cheapskates, thieves – and why you should encourage them

Everyone likes a bargain – but some are prepared to go further than others.  People have a sliding moral scale.  Few will smash-and-grab at a jewellery store, but if an insurance firm accidentally paid us twice […]

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