Andrew Lockley is an investor & consultant, working mainly in the tech startup sector.  His principal focus is on the commercial development of internet firms, including their funding needs.  This encompasses business strategy, investment readiness, marketing, sales and usability.  Previous clients and investments include firms in marketplaces, SaaS and healthcare.  This cross-industry focus brings new ideas and inspiration to each project.

Andrew concentrates mainly on sweat equity investments in idea-stage start-ups, and on consulting and fundraising for larger firms.  With a background in bootstrapping, he seeks to provide or attract the resources that are needed for development, all at little or no cost.  He works on the sales process, with detailed scrutiny of web and app usability and customer journeys.  The aim is always building sales revenues quickly, and at low cost.

Outside paid work, his personal history includes a stint on the board of a major charity, Masters in Engineering and Management, and scientific research on climate change.  He is commonly described as a ‘Marmite person’  with some valuing his plain-speaking style, and others simply wanting to punch him in the face.

Masters of Engineering & Management, University of Birmingham.

Timeline (approx):

2 years

1st startup

specialist commercial cleaning services partnership.  Exit by contracts sale

3 years

Direct sales

Predominantly in B2B workplace services

5 years

2st startup

Property development & trading as sole trader.  Partial exit by rental of online business system, property trading arm retained and downsized

7 years


in various web-tech firms, plus consultancy for a wide range of web businesses